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The agriculture business of Gregorio Rotolo produces different types of cheeses and in addition to the traditional type of the Apennines, obtained from milk coming from extensive pastures, certified Biologic, and chosen hay, propose various types of cheeses, spreads and lacto derivates, all made with raw milk. With special attention paid to new nutrient requirements and practices (takeaway, unit cost, hygiene), but always reamining faithful to the traditional taste of Abruzzo.

Other than cheeses we produce meats, salami and sausages using the antique techniques handed down by sheperds and the great tradition of herding of our region. Some of the products also come from continuous innovation process that constantly we make with our work using only natural products. Meats for the production of salami and sausages are to be enjoy sitting at our table, all comming from our company's biologic farm.

Every year, discovering the achievements of our ancestors, the sheep are sheared and the wool is collected in large quantities. After the process of cleaning, the fibre is transformed

into thread and balls with the purpose of creating, in a second moment, our original  artifacts.


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In addition to our stores you can order our products by phone or e-mail.


We deliver meat and cheese orders in Abruzzo and Rome (minimum order 10kg meat and 12kg cheese).  Lambs, sheep and calves are available all year round.

During the Easter period  goat kid is available.


Furthermore, we commend our products to couriers for the delivery of cheeses throughout the national territory.

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